About Company
Pardis Petrochemical Company is the producer and supplier of ammonia and urea products, the owner of the largest ammonia and urea complex in the Middle East and one of the largest producers of these products worldwide. The high volume of superior products and technology, harmonization with environmental standards, and the ease of access to natural gas feed has increased. Also, preparations for the development of the complex in the third phase have begun since 2011.
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Tehran Office: No7, Arafi Shirazi Lane, Northern Sheikh Bahaei Street, Molasadra Street Post Code : 19936-45853 Tel:4-88603493-021 Fax: 88603502-021
Complex: Asalouie, Pars Economical Free zone, Bushehr Province
Post Code: 11355-75118 Tel: 077-37323305-3 Fax: 077-37323304
Stock Section
Tel: 88064188-021 88603496-021 Fax : 88039042-021
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